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When you enter Optima Online, you can choose which films you think/know are relevant to you. We suggest 3-4 training videos per session. Mark them as favorites by ticking the heart. This you need to do only once. The computer remembers your choices.

We offer evidence-based rehabilitation ie. treatment that is based on research and proven activity in Spain and at Optima online.

Optima Rehab is a company that has worked with neurological rehabilitation for many years. All of our videos are produced by medical experts in rehabilitation. The films are also reviewed by our medical council, which consists of Professor Aniko Bartfai, Professor Michael Nilsson, physiotherapist and specialist in neurology Camilla Ekwall and physiotherapist Emilia Nilsson. All of our videos are presented by Optima Rehab’s medical staff.

All our films are produced for people with disabilities and we also have a safety mindset for the films we have produced. All training sessions are between 8 – 12 minutes.

In addition to the training videos, there are informational videos that concern people with various forms of disabilities.

You can talk to your physiotherapist but you also have the opportunity to ask questions via email and we also have live broadcasts where you have the opportunity to ask questions.

At least once a month we have live broadcasts. Then we train together with a physiotherapist. There are usually both standing and sitting exercises.

We gratefully accept suggestions for new films. Email to
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